My Marriage This Month: May

Marriage is a relationship and relationships require work and effort. Here are practical ways for you and your spouse to continue to work on and put effort into your marriage throughout the month that relates to what was discussed at the last Adventures in Marriage!

Adventures in Marriage: Getting to Know Your Spouse (Click for a Recap)

Week 1: Personality (May 11-17)

Why are you the way you are? It’s not a question we ask often or ever really have an answer for. The reality is our personalities play a major role in not just who we are but how we go about life and relationships. Gaining insight into your own personality and the personality of your spouse will better help you both understand and communicate with one another. Remember, the goal here is to learn and understand…not try to change your spouse! So this week…take a personality test and share it with your spouse!

Here’s a few recommended assessments: (free assessment) ($$) ($$)

Week 2: Love Language (May 18-23)

Are you loving your spouse the way they feel loved or the way you feel loved? We tend to show love in ways we naturally feel loved or want to be loved. Gary Chapman has identified 5 love languages that will change the way you think about showing and receiving love with your spouse! This week, take the love language test and discuss with your spouse. Then work on loving your spouse in their love language!

Take the Test:

Week 3: Replenishment Cycle (May 25-31)

You are constantly pouring into others and being drained by some. Relationships and life take so much from us it is vital that we find ways to get refilled or replenished! If you do not maintain your replenishment cycle you will be running on fumes and will not be able to love and give to those you care most about. It is important to not just know your own replenishment cycle but also for you to know your spouse’s to help them stay healthy and refueled. This week, fill out your replenishment cycle and share it with your spouse!

Click Here for Replenishment Cycle Chart

Week 4: Future Dreams & Goals (June 1-7)

Take time to get out of the every day, normal conversation and dream together! This week share what the ideal would look like in each of the following relationships in the next 5 years. You can also share what you would like to see, do, accomplish, 1, 5, 10, 20 years

God, Self, Marriage, Family, Friends, Work, Church, Finances, Society/Community, Enemies


From Adventures in Marriage, May 8th


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