Why I love Halloween!

porchAs a pastor of a local church my heart breaks for those in my community who have yet to come to know Jesus and be part of His Bride (the church). I love my community and The Church and have given my life to Him and to leading His church.

Throughout the year, I pray and strategize on how to best make an impact and create lasting influence. I read leadership books so my influence and capacity may increase and grow.  I prayerfully study and dig into God’s Word so I may be able to teach, lead and disciple those God has allowed me to shepherd. I challenge and encourage the people of my church to invite friends and neighbors to church and to introduce other to Jesus. I am involved in civic clubs and active in my community so I can know my community and get to know others in my community. I look for those God given opportunities to meet someone new, talk with someone, introduce someone to Jesus, pray with someone, invite someone to church…

And personally, I have found no better opportunity than Halloween! I have not found another time that I can meet just about every person in my neighborhood and their kids within a couple hours. I have not seen another moment that just about every person in my neighborhood (and from surrounding neighborhoods) will come up and knock on MY door! Think about it, this is the only time knocking on every door in the neighborhood is acceptable and even encouraged! Could Halloween be an answer to prayer?!

We’ve all noticed it: it is not as easy to interact regularly with neighbors. We come home late from work, pull in the garage and shut the garage door only to be seen again to get the mail or head back out to work. In a culture that is becoming more and more “close-doored”, Halloween is a golden opportunity.

Lights On: Jesus says we are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14-15)! This Halloween, let your light shine bright and turn on your porch lights! I pray that every family that visits your home this Halloween sees something in you that lights up the night!

This Halloween, try silently praying for every family that visits your home. Compliment every child on his/her costume. Thank the parents for coming. Wave and smile. Make small talk and get to know your neighbors. Look for neighbors with kids the same age as yours to be able to connect again. Be the friendliest home on the block! Maybe instead of just having candy, you have s’mores available on your driveway with hot chocolate for the kids and coffee for the parents.

The point is answering this question: As a Christian, do I live in a way that is full of light: attractive and appealing, leading people closer to Jesus or do I come across as unavailable, turning people off to the gospel? 

Due to the roots and history of Halloween, Christians can be uncertain on what to do with this “holiday”. As Christians, we can either use Halloween as an opportunity to show our neighborhood what we are against OR use Halloween as an opportunity to be LIGHT.

So yes…I love Halloween!

May this Halloween be a great opportunity for you and your family that ultimately brings LIGHT to your neighborhood!