Our New Adventure!

moving-boxes12We Are Moving!

I say that with excitement and sadness: excited for the call God has given us to go and impact the Kingdom in a new area but sad because we are leaving so many friends who have been like family and a church we have loved being part of for the last seven years!

Our New Adventure!

Becky and I have always wanted to be available and willing for God to use us in whatever way He would want. As we have discovered, it’s easy to pray that but much harder to accept and follow it. After much prayer and counsel we have decided to follow God’s calling and to go where He is calling us to go! So we are heading to Atlanta, GA to join Mountain Lake Church. Mountain Lake is a church in Cumming, GA (about 45 minutes north of Atlanta) which was planted 14 years ago by Shawn Lovejoy who is still the lead pastor. There are three campuses and Becky and I will be launching a fourth campus where I will be the Campus/Teaching Pastor for that campus. We are very excited to join the Mountain Lake Team and allow God to use us in a new way and in a new area while also stretching our faith and sharpening our gifts! Mountain Lake has a great team that I will be able to learn a lot from! This also allows us to be closer to our families, which has become more of a priority since we had Connor (and hopefully more kids in the future).

We have felt very welcomed and loved by Mountain Lake and know this is where God is leading us. God is doing great and exciting things through the people of Mountain Lake as they reach the lost and give people a place where they can belong, become and bless!

For more info on Mountain Lake Church visit the website at: http://mountainlake.tv


Words cannot describe the gratitude we have for Pastor Rick and all the staff, volunteers and families of Adventure Church! I came on staff in 2007 from the mid-west not knowing anyone and being very inexperienced in ministry. My wife and I began our marriage and family without any family in the area and so the staff and the church became our family! Adventure is about “loving people one at a time” and we have been blessed to be able to experience and feel that in such a real way over the last seven years! The leadership of Adventure (starting with Pastor Rick) has loved and valued my family and me in ways we never asked for or could have expected! We have never spent a holiday alone and always had the support we needed. Adventure believes and lives out loving people, even when it means loving people above the overall organization! I am a better leader, pastor, husband, father and follower of Jesus because of the mentoring, developing and love we have received from Adventure! God has used Adventure to help me be who I am today and now I get to take what I’ve learned to another place where people are desperate for Jesus! We could not have asked for a better church to begin our family and ministry! We owe you all so very much! This was not an easy decision but we know that God’s calling supersedes our comfort. Thank you to Pastor Rick and our Adventure Family for giving us the privilege and joy to serve with you and inviting us into your family! We will miss you all more than you know!!!!

What’s Next:

My last day at Adventure Church will be July 3rd and I will fly out on July 5th to Atlanta to begin the campus launch process. Becky and Connor will join me in Atlanta a couple of weeks later as they finalize details with the selling of the house and moving.

Ministry will continue at Adventure! The staff and volunteer teams are stepping up to make sure this is a smooth transition and to ensure ministry continues and people continue to be loved one at a time! We have been blessed with amazing volunteer teams and they are excited to step up in new and needed ways!

Please continue to pray for us during this move and transition. Also, be praying for the volunteers who are stepping up and the new staff member who God will be leading to Adventure to take the ministries to a new level! Lastly, please be praying for our new ministry opportunity in a new area and developing new relationships!

Thank you to Adventure for letting God use each of you to love us in incredible ways and for pouring into us over the years! We will always be thankful for you!

Thank you to Mountain Lake for giving us this opportunity and welcoming us with so much love already! We are excited to start this new Adventure with you!

– Brian, Becky & Connor