2016-03-24_103607000_F71FA_iOSBrian serves as the campus & teaching pastor at Mountain Lake Church Dawson. He has a passion for introducing people to Jesus and the local church. Brian and his wife, Becky, live in the Atlanta, Georgia area with their two sons, Connor and Cole with one on the way.



3 thoughts on “Brian

  1. Brian,
    I wasn’t sure why I was receiving these emails….. Geez, I am OLD and Chris and I have been married now for 22 years!! Our anniv is this Friday! :] Then, today, I started poking around your website and I LOVE IT!! I just put June 12th on my calendar!! I WANT to come and hear/learn more. Sooooo very insteresting!!! Life can be tough, lots of work, detours you didn’t plan, and in the end, you want your very best friend to be by your side. Mine is. And, our trek has not been a piece of cake! We sit and reminisce and sometimes are in awe that we are where we are today. It’s definitely good because of God in our lives. :]

  2. Hey Brian I am really going to miss you. I hope you have a great time in Atlanta. You were the best pastor I’ve ever met. You mean a lot to me. You always help me go through my life you always be by my side I am really going to miss that a lot. I’m really goin to miss Becky also and Connor. Love you guys you were a great pastor to me.

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