My Marriage This Month – April

Marriage is a relationship and relationships require work and effort. Here’s a practical way for you and your spouse to continue to work on and put effort into your marriage throughout the month that relates to what was discussed at the last Adventures in Marriage!

Week 1: Hopes & Dreams (April 13-19)

THIS WEEK: Take time to ask your spouse what his/her hopes and dreams for the future are. It’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day routines of marriage and life. This question will help break through the mundane and allow you to pursue your spouse’s soul!

  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years? 10 years?
  • Is there a job or career that you would like to try and work towards?
  • What would you like to accomplish by next year? 5 years? 10 years?


Week 2: Another Couple (April 20-26)

THIS WEEK: Find another couple to hang out with! Go to dinner, coffee, dessert or invite them over to your house. It’s easy to forget that we don’t know it all. One of the best ways to learn and grow in your marriage is by learning from others! Allow other couples to speak into your life and marriage and learn from them. 


Week 3: Values (April 27-May 3)

THIS WEEK: We all have values but most of us haven’t intentionally identified or recognized them. It will be important for you and your spouse to intentionally identify the important values of your marriage. These values will be a kind of guide and reminder throughout all aspects of your marriage! Take time this week to identify and come up with your own “Marriage Values”!


  1. We see our differences as God’s gift to each other.
  2. We schedule time together.
  3. We have learned each others language of love.
  4. We never consider divorce as an option.

Week 4: Daily A’s (May 4-10)

THIS WEEK: Dr. Roger Tirabassi is a counselor who specializes in marriage and family. He discovered that most couples tend to be more courteous before and during the honeymoon. Then after it becomes work to be intentionally courteous with their responses to one another. Dr. Tirabassi developed a simple system that creates a healthy habit in a marriage which he calls “The Daily 5 A’s”. This week, try to do all 5 A’s each day…

The Daily 5 A’s (from Dr. Roger Tirabassi)

  1. Affirmation: “Thank you for _____”, “I appreciated it today when you _______”
  2. Affection: A hug, kiss, massage, etc…
  3. Apology: “Is there anyway I irritated, frustrated or hurt you today?”, “I’m sorry for _______. Will you please forgive me?”
  4. Ask: “Is there anything you would like me to do for you today, tomorrow or this week?”
  5. Amen: “How can I specifically pray for you today?”

From April’s Adventures in Marriage
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